Dr Etienne Horner is renowned for pregnancy care of the highest standard. Highly respected and professional, he ensures that your journey to parenthood is a safe and reassuring experience at all times.

His holistic approach puts you and your partner at the heart of your care programme. You’ll be involved in all the big decisions regarding your pregnancy and delivery. There’s no strict regime, Dr Horner cleverly varies your treatment according to you and your baby’s needs, with your partner involved at every stage. His goal is always to make your birth experience positive and uniquely memorable.

Dr Horner knows that with the wonder of pregnancy often come worries and concerns. His sensitive approach ensures that you feel comfortable to voice them while his professional expertise ensures that they’re resolved in the best possible way.

List of Services

Dr Horner has extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Pre-pregnancy counselling
    Before you attempt to conceive, Dr Horner will discuss any specific health requirements. E.g Up to date cervical smear, rubella immunisation, folic acid supplements etc. He can also advise on the best timing for intercourse during your menstrual cycle.
  • High risk pregnancy
    Should your pregnancy be complicated, Dr Horner will explain the need for any mandatory tests such as blood tests and special ultrasounds. He will amend your treatment plan to see you more often and will discuss the best time and method of your baby’s delivery.
  • Multiple pregnancy
    A twin pregnancy can be a special journey and Dr Horner will ensure that you have the right support and guidance during the pregnancy. Should you need extra ultrasounds or more appointments, he will talk everything through with you. Also as delivery with a twin pregnancy can be more challenging, Dr Horner will guide and reassure you with his expertise.
  • Normal pregnancy
    Between 8-9 and 30 weeks gestation, Dr Horner will see you every three weeks. Between 30 and 37 weeks, he’ll see you every two weeks and beyond 37 weeks he’ll see you every week until delivery. He will share and discuss ultrasound findings and arrange your blood tests (booking bloods, glucose test and full blood count in the 3rd trimester). If you are not having a scan he will listen to the fetal heartbeat with a sonic aid every time you visit.


During pregnancy Dr Horner refers his patients for the three regular scans:


Nuchal translucency Screen 12 weeks
Anomaly Scan 20 weeks
Well being Scan 30 weeks


At the following facilities:


UdS - Ultrasound Diagnostic Services,
148 Harley Street, 0207 935 2243


FMC - Fetal Medicine Centre,
137 Harley Street, 0207 486 0476

Antenatal and
Postnatal Courses and Classes

Antenatal classes

The Bump Class
0208 932 7664

Pelvic floor rehabilitation

Lulu Baby
0207 736 665