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Etienne's expertise, support and guidance throughout the whole process from pregnancy, birth, to post-birth was priceless!

Baby's Name: Frederick

It has been a while, but I will never forget Dr. Horner. In fact, I was browsing the website, because I am telling my friend all about Dr. Horner as she is looking for an OB.

My first pregnancy was very difficult and I was apprehensive for the first few months, until I met Dr. Horner. He was amazing, very professional, and everything I needed for the rest of my pregnancy.

The delivery was fast, calm, I would say amazing! I had the best Dr. and couldn't have asked for a better one.

Thank you ever so much Dr. Horner.

Freddy is now 3 and very healthy.

Baby's Name: Sanah and Kyra

I was very lucky to have Dr Horner as my doctor during both my pregnancies. His guidance and expert advice through the journey was absolutely outstanding. I remember during labour, both times, seeing Dr Horner walk into the delivery room was like a pain relief in itself! I always felt I was in very safe hands. Thank you and all the very best for the future!

Baby's Name:: Freddie & Oscar
Date:14/09/2009 & 9/01/13

Etienne safely delivered my second son a couple of weeks ago. Neither of my pregnancies were particularly straightforward, however, Etienne ensured that we received the best care, attention and expertise at all times.

He is very patient and very personable. Nothing is too much trouble and everything is discussed! He makes sure that nothing is left to chance and prompts you to remember to tell him everything. (very few of my friends have had this experience with their doctors)

In both pregnancies he made the correct decisions at exactly the right times and we are blessed to have two gorgeous sons. We will always be extremely grateful to Etienne and his fab team at 132 Harley Street.


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